26 Jan 2018

Engineers at Cornell University in collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace presented the new technology allowing devices to vanish the critical data in case of non-authorized access. The created technology uses a silicon-dioxide microchip attached to a polycarbonate housing.
The chemicals filling microscopic cavities in the housing are sealed with graphene-on-nitride valves. Using radio waves the cavities can be opened remotely and the reaction of chemicals – rubidium and sodium biflouride – can be triggered to release the heat and destroy the microchip.

There is a number of technologies to trigger the vaporization of electronics in the market with different kind of disadvantages and drawbacks. But the new one solves them and offers much more reliable solution.
You can imagine the new technology is extremely interesting and important for the valuable data protection such as personal, commercial and security data. It can affect different markets especially IoT, robotics, security, defense, bank services and others.

Any information about the start of serial production for microchips using new technology is not available for the moment.

Original article: http://emsnow.com/engineers-create-new-architecture-vaporizable-electronics/

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