14 Feb 2018

The Japanese component manufacturer Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. reported about their plans to expand the production facilities in China and increase the production of multi-layer ceramic capacitors the state-owned Xinhua News Agency reported.

The investment in the industrial park of Wuxi, China will be increased from USD 1.5 billion to USD 2.6 billion in order to achieve targets and build new components manufacturing facility and the lithium battery factory. The capacity of the components manufacturing facility is planned at the level of 40 billion capacitors per year starting from the end of 2020. As well the production capacity of the battery plant will have the annual output of 132 million batteries after the first quarter of 2019.

Hopefully the growth of the production capacity will affect the availability of the components in the market and optimize the lead time for some parts.

Original article: http://evertiq.com/news/43547

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