17 Jul 2018

The FFLI and FFLC series from AVX

The FFLI and FFLC series from AVX have the highest density of power in comparison with the competing technologies of other brands.
The FFLC series is specifically designed for DC filtering applications such as DC link or resonant filters. Large case sizes up to 35 liters and high specific energy up to 240J/l together with safe and reliable Controlled Self Healing Technology make this series particularly suitable for power converters in traction, drives and renewable energy areas. FFLC uses polypropylene metallized segmented film and it is fully dry technology. Standard designs proposed in this catalogue are covering a wide range of voltage and capacitance values. In case of specific requirements about shape and performances, feel free to contact your local AVX representative.
Features & Benefits

  • Voltage Range: 800V to 1350V
  • Capacitance Range: 1,750uF to 25,500uF
  • 4 terminal, Male or Female threaded

Typical Applications

  • DC link
  • Resonant filters


DC Filtering – FFLI (RoHS Compliant)

The FFLI series uses a non-impregnated metallized polypropylene dielectric with the controlled self-healing process. Cylindar aluminium box with platic cover design. The FFLI capacitor is specifically designed for DC filtering. FFLI is cylindrical with axial terminals on the top face, with a mechanical mounting bolt underneath. FFLI series is a proven replacements for aluminum electrolytic capacitor banks, based on dry “controlled self-healing” metallized polypropylene film technology.
Features & Benefits

  • Voltage Range: 1000V to 1400V
  • Capacitance Range: 105uF to 3000uF
  • Female threaded

Typical Applications

  • DC filtering


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