Silicone keypads and keypad buttons

Keypads made of silicone are mainly used in access control systems, security and fire alarm systems, telecommunications equipment, household devices, and various control systems.

Some typical button construction for silicone keypads

  • Keypads with different hardness of keypad and buttons
  • Keypads assembled by using special holes with low force
  • Keypad with LED (square button with a window for LED, LED on a PCB, etc.)
  • Keypad with limited key stroke
  • Keypads with resistance to low temperatures (operating range is -60 … + 250 ° С)
Silicon Keypads and Keypad Buttons

Mechanical and electrical characteristics of silicone rubber for keypads

Temperature for use, ° С (Please note that the indicated temperature ranges are the maximum, and please specify the range you require in request)from -60 to +250
Specific gravity1,16
Tensile strength, kg / cm sq90
Tear strength, kgf / cm13
Compression set,%10
Elongation at break,%350
Volume resistivity, Ohm / cm8-1014
Contact resistance for rubber contactsno more than 100 Ohm
Contact resistance for applied coating (printing)not more than 500 Ohm
Maximum permissible power of making or breaking contacts (direct current)1W
Contact bounceless than 15ms
Insulation breakdown, kV / mm20
Colourall possible
Dielectric constant4.2 (50 Hz)
Dielectric tangent, %13 (50 Hz)

Silicon Keypads and Keypad Buttons