newest technologies

Electronic Manufacturing Services

ELFARO invests heavily in the newest technologies and modern
approaches for production and cooperates with Estonian EMS companies to fulfill PCB assembly requests of any complexity.

We guarantee the highest quality of production for all devices
made for our customers. All production areas are compliant
to ESD protection standards and IPC 610 Class II / Class III standards.

SMT & TNT assembly

Our technologies

The ELFARO intent is to keep customers with total involvement and understanding of all the staff through the implementation of the documented Quality Management System and information meeting the ISO 9001:2015 standard, we will exceed the expectations of our customers.

BGA, µBGA, Flip Chips, CSP, TQFP, Fine pitch components

SMT placement accuracy ± 50 µm (4s) up to 50 000 cph

PCB with metal base assembling

Components size down to 1 005

IC body type Package-on-Package assembling

Cables & connectors mounting

RoHS compliance

We introduced several solutions to meet THT (Through-hole technology) requirement from single sided PTH/THT assemblies to complex high mix SMT and THT assemblies. For all supplied boards we can offer a full complex of assembly technology: SMT automatic assembly, PTH assembly with selective equipment and final control. We use an advanced surface mounting technologies developed in our production.

We provide full RoHS compliance with clean processes on all assemblies. These solutions provide a comprehensive range of options for your THT assembly, which are complemented by our high quality manual lead free soldering to IPC-A-610 Class 2 as standard, with Class 3 available on request.

Lead free (RoHS compliant) selective wave soldering is used for medium to high volume production. For special components which are not suitable for automated approach we engage experienced technologists for manual processing.

We have developed, tested and used advanced surface mounting technologies.

Package-on-Package (POP) Technology

As consumer electronics become more portable and thus smaller we introduce new technologies that help our clients to work out the challenges of the product’s size and volume.

POP assembly consists of two or more fine-pitch ball grid arrays (BGAs) stacked one atop another. In a two-piece assembly, the bottom package is usually a high-density logic device, while the top package is a high-capacity memory device. Both devices can contain more than one die. To accommodate the upper package, a thin layer of mold compound is applied to the center of the lower package, just to cover the die and wire bonds. Solder balls on the bottom of the upper package connect with I/O pads on the top of the lower package.

POP assemblies are produced using a standard surface-mount process-with an extra hitch. The BGAs are fed from tape or trays. First, solder paste for the lower BGA is deposited on the board with a stencil printer, and the BGA is placed onto the board. Next, the second BGA is picked up and-here’s the hitch-dipped into a film of specially formulated “tacky” flux or solder paste just far enough to wet the balls. The second BGA is then placed atop the first one, and the entire board is reflowed as normal, preferably in a convection oven with a nitrogen atmosphere.

Microwave boards with metal base

Metal core PCB (MCPCB) is designed to allot the heat from some extremely heating elements of electronic devices, where typical thick copper foil and cooler solutions won’t give the desired effect.

The structure has two general elements – PCB and metal base. ELFARO can supply materials that have either aluminium or copper backing ranging in thickness from 0.4mm to 6.0 mm. Circuits can also be made from any of the available microwave laminates and post bonded to prefabricated metal structures using either electrically conductive or non-conductive sheet adhesives. Laminates can be standard FR-4 materials or special laminates like Rogers Ro4000 series. As a gluing layer we offer standard prepreg (FR-4 class) or bond ply with acrylic adhesion. The most complex model is to use adhesive layers containing silver paste which provide the best thermo- and electro-conductive connection between PCB and metal base.

Box Build Assembly

INELSO provides full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service tailor made to customer requirements

Box Assembly Steps

We have accumulated experience and knowledge in the box build manufacture and retain the highest standards when we assemble, test and package devices to customer specification and in doing so we secure you significant cost and time savings.

We source printed circuit boards and enclosures from our fast supply chain ensuring that we select the verified supplier. Customers will get close attention from our team which means you benefit from a single supplier contact throughout the whole project life cycle. That way we can guarantee quality, value and excellence right the way through the box build manufacturing process.